Thursday, August 16, 2012

Indigo and Cambrian Blue Clay in Soapmaking

A while back I was discussing Cambrian Blue Clay in one of my online groups.  What I love about it is the color!  A nice blue is a tough color to achieve and Cambrian Blue Clay along with Indigo makes a beautiful blue color.  In the beginning you will notice it has a greenish hue to it but in the end once it's cured it looks fabulous.

Not much is known about the Cambrian Blue Clay which has an INCI name of Lilite.  Right now you can purchase this wonderful blue clay from 

I added this Cambrian Blue Clay along with Indigo Root Powder directly to my LYE solution to release all the good properties of both the clay and Indigo Root. 

Once I started I noticed there really wasn't anything to strain but I wanted to be sure.

 I added a Lavender, Patchouli and Sandalwood essential oil fragrance blend.

I wanted to add dimension to my soap so I add some Calendula Flowers

Sprinkled some 24k Gold Mica on top!

If you want to purchase this soap it will be ready 20 AUG online at

Or you can learn how to make your own soap in our