Sunday, June 26, 2011

BESTeam Feature on Turquoise Angels

You guys know I am all about the cutsy pink frilly girly stuff!  And I am here to tell you, I have found my second home in Turquoise Angels on Esty .  This mother daughter team really knows how to put the "T" in Tutu's!  My daughter is 10, but you can bet once she see's these cute tutu's she gonna want one for herself~

             Custom Ballerina Tutu

I can also tell you that you little angels with 4 feet won't have to miss out either.. check these doggie tutu's~

Minnie Black and Red Dog Tutu

Tutu Wispy Seafoam

I know personally a few readers that will love love love this bow!

Zebra Boutique Hairbow

See them on Etsy:

You should stop by their facebook page~!/TurquoiseAngelsBoutique

If you want to follow their tweets for the next big sale or blog contest.. 
Follow them here..

Lately you seen me post about these fabulous shops at Etsy and it's all because I joined a team on Etsy call BESTeam~  I believe the secret to success on Esty is joining in on some teams and doing a few Treasuries to get the word out about your own shop once you join. Many shops believe all you have to do is open up and wait for the sales to come in and that is far from the truth.  You have to work your business EVERY day and make contacts within your own local community but also on the Virtual Community as well. So get busy and make those contacts and start your own personal journey to success~

See more information about BESTeam here.

Thank you and have a GREAT week!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Besteam feature on Our Home to Yours~

This shop has a special place in my heart because without them, I may not have been so eager to jump into any teams or treasuries on Etsy. They invited me to join this too cool team called BESTeam, where we support each other through blogging and advice on Etsy!  I have learned a lot about having a shop on Esty due to my invite from Our Home to Yours.

Debbie and Amanda are the 2 who share the spot in Our Home To Yours, Debbie who is one of 10 children bringing up the better half as the youngest!  I am only one of 3 so I cannot begin to imagine how it was to get up in the morning and get ready... Amanda, the other half of Our Home To Yours, is married with a toddler son.  She is talented in the all the crochet work on their Etsy Shop and the Graphic Design of it as well!

Some of items in their shop include:

The inside Measurement is 22", with replacing the netting, fabric and adding a handmade flower, she created a beautiful hat that you can now call your own.

I love this~ I had the pleasure of using  a ring bearer pillow similar to this one my mother made for my wedding, so I highly suggest having something like this beautiful handmade crocheted pillow to celebrate your special day.  It's handmade with love~

Her banner's are made custom painted made to match your colors or invitations.  You can use it for your
wedding, shower or bachelorette  party.  Think about all the things you would love to say! Great idea for the special day!

When you are planning your special day think of  Our Home To Yours for all your special items!

You can visit them 
like them on their Facebook:
follow them on Twitter:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Make Hand-Milled Soap Video

We just started making a soap base you can make your very own that's not a melt and pour soap! It's cold processed and it's homemade~ What can be better than that! Check out our new video on how to make it.

Monday, June 13, 2011


We go through life, some of us happy, some of us in pain, some of us depressed.  We all have friends & family that have dealt with depression and/or pain.  Some of us are in pain right now. Some of us are happy. Some of us are reading this trying to understand.

 First lets defined what depression really means:  According to Public MD Health "Depression is described as feeling sad, blue, unhappy, miserable or down in the dumps. Clinical Depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger or frustration interfere with everyday life for a long period of time". Now here's the twist... does pain cause depression and then depression from the pain cause more pain?  See I believe this is the case... For many people who are depressed they really don't know how or what to do to get help.  What happens when they do get help and it doesn't work? They are in a system in which seeks to medicate and numb the senses.  Is this the right way?  Don't get me wrong for many people who have been dealing with depression, the medication is the only way they can continue.  But what about those who are still in pain and depressed.  It takes so much energy to get up and go to the doctor in the first place but then to keep returning time and time again...  Most depressed people will not be able to do it.  It makes me sad just thinking about it.

There was a dark time in my life in which I encountered debilitating pain on a daily basis and developed
depression because of the pain.  Our medical system is set up as such:  For the pain you have to go see a pain management specialist and then for the depression you have to go see a psychologist.  What's wrong with this picture?  Both doctors went to medical school, all though each one specialized in different would seem to me they should know about each others field?  Right?  Why then can you not treat both at the same time with making a depressed person go to more doctors get more medicine of which is treating each diagnosis when they are always on the verge of giving up anyway?  I am angry that we live in a society where we are base solely on money and greed.  I got lucky.  After trying and trying... I found a doctor that helped me control both the pain and depression associated with the pain.  After a while my body went on to heal it self and I am no longer in a constant pain state.  But only because I kept trying.  For some, that have been caught up in loop or fell down the cracks of the's not that easy.

 I lost a friend today.

She had been in pain most of her adult life and has spent more money on medicine & doctors than we will in a lifetime. I always had hope for her, I always thought she would find the answer, I always thought I would see her again.

Yes, it would be so easy to tell you..that all you had to do was to have faith and to keep trying.  But it isn't and it's not that easy.  I can only hope as a society we can change and bring back some of things we've lost in the madness of money and greed.  Can we change?  Is it possible to rebuild? Or are we just going fold our own cards and call it quits.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I know you've seen it, but have you really SEEN it?

BESTeam Feature:  Off the Wall Expressions

I love any kind of wall expressions, I personally think it adds to your home decor or your studio~
I have one in my studio and get compliments all the time. When I put mine in, I did not know about Off the wall expression. But I can assure you she will be my next stop!  I have a few empty spots in my own home that filling!

These are so easy to apply and if you don't like them you can always peel them off! 

Pictures speak louder than words so check out her current designs~

Blowing Cherry Blossom Tree

personalized wedding decal

Home is Where Your Story

and my personal favorite this one.....

Family Tree with photos

So now you won't have to grab the hammer to decorate your walls anymore!

~Now you don't have to deal with boring empty wall space anymore~

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Soap has been featured on a Etsy Treasury!

My Soap has been featured on Etsy Treasury! Too cool.. I thought I would share this one.. It's just too pretty to not mention it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BESTeam Feature on ElizabethMD Jewelry

I found out very early in life that certain metals turn an absolutely hideous shade green on me and that has moved me to search out natural materials that would not do this.  I have heard that every one's skin reacts differently to different metals and mine...well mine turns green most of time.  So I shied away from jewelry most of my life with the exception of earrings which incredibly I have never had any trouble with (I could credit that to get my ears pierced at a very young age). What I found out was it is the oxidation of the copper inside the jewelry that causes your skin to turn green. It only happens in some people and not in others. I am always on the lookout for Jewelry Designers that use materials that don't cause allergies~ 

Needless to say.. I now have found the perfect Shop

What I love about ElizabethMD Jewelry's pieces are that she designs pieces that are "Nickle Free" (such as her rings)  and pendants made out of natural shells (such as the Coral Pendant). 

Flower Engraved Coral Pendant

Black Flower Ring with Diamond Center and Silver Trim

Elizabeth, the woman behind these gorgeous pieces is located in Canada where she received a lot of inspiration from the hand me down days from her older sister. She creates her pieces with passion loving medieval history, Gothic subculture and historic inspired costumes. You can see a little bit of all this in her designs. Teacher by day, creative jewelry designer by night.... she does it well don't you think?    

Maroon Flower Pinky Ring

Stop by her shop to see all these and more..
You can follow her on her Blog at

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Featuring Etsy Shop: Bits n' Beads by Gilliauna

I would like to introduce you guys to a super cool Handmade Artisan Jewelry Designer, Bits n' Beads by Gilliauna~ I have to say that "originality" is it at the top of my description of this one of a kind designer.

Just looking through her colors and designs you can see the workmanship is high quality by a far margin.  She has a way with connecting earth stones and metal that is like no other.  You can just feel the spirit within the piece she's created.

Gilliauna, lives an works in British Columbia has been designing for over 20 years and you can clearly see that she indeed has a true gift for colors and combining cool metal with warm stones. A girl after my own heart she carries rosaries as well!

Holy Rosary Handcrafted in Blue Ceramic and Pearls

Bronze Floral Beaded Bracelet

You can view her gorgeous designs on Etsy at, her website, follow her on her blog The Handmade Shopping Guide.

Enjoy the Journey~

Have a great Wednesday!