Friday, June 25, 2010

Selling Your Products Using a Consignment Shop

Depending on the craft you make, design or create, a consignment shop could be a good way to get your products available to the general public.  Be very selective whom you choose because once you agree to place your items in their shop, it’s very hard to end that relationship without some animosity toward the departing party. Ask around your community to make sure they have a good reputation among the community and among other consignee’s. 

Again.. Go to their shop as a customer first, to see how they treat you.  Do they ask if they can help you?  Offer any suggestions?  Do they favor a particular designer or do they have monthly featured artists? Do they advertise? How’s their customer flow?  Ask the questions now because it will be too late once they have your products.  Typically most consignment shops will have an agreement if they don’t I would draw one up just so that you can define your relationship before any problems come up. Things to include would be how/where your items will be displayed, a begin/end date (even if it is auto renewing), information on your prices (whether you place prices on them or they will) and price increases/decreases (sales), payment terms (how much, when and what form..i.e. check), and have a exit policy or something that states how you will end the relationship. Include a place for both signatures.

Most consignment shops will charge fees ranging from 20-40%. They will be using their own supplies to wrap (bags) your items, pay applicable taxes and advertising to bring in the customers. Remember this:  “Do not consign anymore than you can afford to lose”.  If the consignment shop decides close up shop you could lose everything consigned. I have heard nightmares from other crafters who had their whole inventory wrapped up in one shop only to have them go out of business, taking all their products with them.  You will not get paid until your items are sold.  Track your own items. Do not depend on the consigner to do that.  You both should have your own list of what’s in inventory and what has sold.

Honey Soap Base for Melt and Pour Soapmaking

Recently while I was searching for a new soap base with my favorite supplier I came across a "Honey Base", I thought wow this sounds interesting?  So, I decided why not.. and put in an order.  After having received my order, the 1st package I opened was the honey base.  WOW!  Does it smell good!  Sweet with a hint vanilla (no actual vanilla in it), the base was a transparent honey color. I thought this one would be good to just use as is, no extra fragrances or color.  I have been searching for something just like this.  Honey it self has so many great properties and to include it your daily shower routine would be very beneficial to your skin.  Not mention the natural scent of this soap is well best described as "YUMMY"!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Check out our new designer soap line..

This one is a wonderful earthy scent made out of Rosewood Essential Oil. Refreshing for both men and women.

Lavender Orange Gardeners Hand Soap

This one is great for you just getting out of the garden and needing a good soap to scrub those dirty hands clean again!