Monday, March 28, 2011

Are you Ready for Spring Break?

Our Spring Break starts today, so all of our kids are out and today is 50 degrees?  What's up with that?  Mother nature laughing at us once again!  Anyway I was busy this weekend making some beach inspired soaps~
 I thought I would share~

And my donation to a local fundraiser~
A cupcake soap, soy candle and some relaxing bath salt minerals.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Value, Worth and Money... What does it all mean?

All the signs are there and they have been for some time.  But now we are beginning to see the increases in everything.  For most us, our businesses are small and cannot bear a substantial market increase. We usually are competing in a market that will allow us to flourish if we can make our products, designs or items a value in the customer’s eyes.  Many times we equate this to a monitory value and this type of value may not survive the next increase. How have you priced your products and will you survive the next increase? 

Lets first discuss value and what it really means…..
1)  Value: Relative Worth or importance  
2) Material Worth.  

We have to address this because if you create worth and importance in your product material worth will come.  But if you have this backwards and have created a product based on material worth and your customers do not see the importance then you will be hurting.

We just got the word from our supplier that many of our favorites will have price increases in the near future….  Many of the items we use to make soap are increasing and that means a lot of soapmakers will be forced to increase their prices or absorb the difference.  We are seeing coconut oil and palm oil prices rising at an alarming rate.  Have you notice coffee prices lately?  All these signs are making a point for you to get ready. 

   What really makes me sad is that we will begin to see in the near future many small businesses giving in and giving up because they cannot make a profit anymore.  This is just beginning~

 What have you found?  What are doing to prepare for what is to come?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bath-Time Buddies

I thought I would share some cute soaps for kids that are too much fun to make!

Thanks for visiting~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I am Featured Artist in Total Art and Soul!

Thank you Total Art and Soul for the fantastic feature of my Girly Girl Soap on your front page!

Garden Enchantment
Spring Hare
fabric flowers
Bronze Vintage dress
Delphinium Buds
Cherry Blossom
Red Squirrel
White Wonder
Vintage Mix Media Art
Trees of Peace
Driftwood Cuff
Floral Monotype 9
Over the Hill
Brow on the Little Su
girlgirlcitrus soap