Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Practical Tips for Time Management?

Since I've opened my own studio time has been short and I am finding I need more of it!  Today I am asking you   how do you manage your time between blog posts, facebook, twitter, your own website, making your own products, shipping, advertising...not mention if you have a family when do they get your time?  I have read a lot of information on the subject but I cannot seem to follow it?! LOL!

Today I am asking you what do you do to save time? Keep organized?  Do you have someone to help you?

Happy Holidays~



  1. Hi Michelle
    I think many of us soapers/crafters struggle with time management. I know for me, as a single mom who still works a 9-5, I did a few things to help me (although it needs improving)
    1-I gave up my bedroom to my son and converted his room to my soap studio. I now have designated space to work.
    2-I made a committement to try to get into my studio at least 4 times a week to produce product. Of course with a 5.5 year old I have to do it at night when he is sleeping. So I have not slept since he was born! LOL
    3-I try to attend webinars from work during my lunch time. Also at work, I try to research programs that I can utilize to help me manage my time better.

    I think in time one figures it out and prays for the best..LOL
    Good luck to you!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Thank you Melissa! Having a dedicated work space is one of the main reasons I opened my own soap studio... My family hasn't had a kitchen table in at least a year! LOL.. At least now we can begin eating in the dining room again.

    Thank you for sharing your tips!


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