Sunday, December 12, 2010

Introducing Mary....

We started a really cute tradition last year, We invited Mary Christmas (the Christmas Elf) to com visit us. Boy were we in for a treat!  She loves to get into things...  Pop up in places you would never expect..  Even eat Candy!  My daughter absolutely loves her and her antics.  Mary arrives around the 1st December and then hops a ride back with Santa on Christmas Eve.  Then we will have to wait for her until next year.  But while she's with us we get to enjoy all of her antics!  The story behind it is..  She comes from the North Pole to watch how good or bad my daughter Ivy is..  Then she reports to him Christmas eve.. So each morning my daughter comes down stairs to search for Elf Mary and see what she got into during night ~

 Well this morning this is what we found~

Evidently, She was hungry last night... Now the rule is if we invite daughter is responsible for clean up of her mischief!

But I had to laugh the other morning when I found her on the printer.... COPYING HERSELF!

If you have kids or grandkids...  you can start this fun tradition too.  This website explains all about it!

Happy Holidays From all of us at Mossy Creek Soap!

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