Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It may not be so easy starting a small business anymore.

I just found out yesterday- Our local county here in middle Georgia (not the big city--but really--the country), wants all home manufacturing (soapmaking, bath and body products) businesses to apply for a zoning variance, attend a hearing (waiting for at least 40 days before the hearing begins) and supply a survey of their home so they can apply for a business license. And it's not guaranteed they would even get approved. What are your thoughts? State Regs are not even this bad. Mind you we are a community of about 150,000 people. I guess weeding out new small business is what's in right now?

See this document on the requirements for Houston County-  http://www.houstoncountyga.com/assets/downloads/BusLicHomeOccupationsRegulations.pdf


  1. Oh no! I live in NW Georgia (Catoosa County), I hope this type of legislation doesn't spread. I don't understand the motivation behind these sort of laws.

  2. that's the problem with our government today...everyone wants a piece of your bottom line.

  3. Laura--- I don't know how far reaching it will become. What's bad is that it wasn't this bad 4 years ago. I made soap successfully out of my home for 2 years before I opened my studio.

  4. Debbi- I agree this is crazy and overkill! They go as far as posting a sign in your front yard to give notice to your neighbors (in case they want to show up at the hearing as well). So you had better have good relations with your neighbors too. Now if that doesn't scare any potential new business owner I don;t know what will! WAY TO GO HOUSTON COUNTY Georgia!


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