Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BESTeam Feature of MsFormaldehyde

Meet Kelly Formaldehyde, a designer of handmade accessories for Vintage Bridal Couture and gothic accessories. "Formaldehyde"~Love her name!  A girl after my own heart after all everything in life revolves around science and chemistry.

I love this one... Below...  As you will see she has the uncanny ability to combine gothic and couture!
True Blood Fascination
White Gardenia Wedding  Bridal Head Piece

Double Yellow Orchid Clip
 Kelly, who is a native to San Diego California, loves to create gothic jewelry, lotita pin up and dita burlesque accessories. You can see her flare in all of her designs..  Not your everyday items and since she only creates a small amount of each design you can rest assure that you WILL NOT find someone else wearing the same thing.

You can shop for all these fabulous finds on her shop at Etsy:   and Follow her on her blog @

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