Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sometimes we just get busy....

Most of us are pretty busy right about now with the kids getting ready to be out for school soon, maybe you have a graduation to go to or maybe you're one of the lucky ones getting ready to leave out of town on your own vacation.

Since my niece has come to live with us, I have been busy as well.  It's kind of funny how a teenager can have such a busy social life...but here I am in middle of it.  Most people get to build up to this point, not us.. we kind of jumped right to the year 15!  My own daughter is only 10... so I kind of missed 5 years of getting ready for this point.  So needless to say... I am getting the quick version of it.  

I find my self needing quicker ways of doing the things and because time is an issue today I have found someone else to make my handcrafted cards for me on Esty!  Creativitybugs~, she makes some fabulous handmade cards that you can pair up with those all those graduation gifts you know you'll need to get. 

I firmly believe in handmade way over store bought any day, but I personally don't have the time to make them.  So there she was~ Creativitybugs helping me solve my dilemma for a beautiful expression from the heart in the form of a handmade card.   

Gold Burgundy Green Firefly Flower Blank Card

Blue Green Yellow Flower Achieve Bank Card

Blue, Green, and Turquoise Hummingbird Hello Card

She also has a blog as well.. Stop by to see her  

If I don't see you until I get back from Miami.... Have a Happy Memorial Day!

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