Thursday, November 25, 2010

I have so many things to be Thankful for!


This past year has been one of monumental milestones one of which includes "The Hive"! (if you want to join click here!) Thank you Melissa and John for creating a venue where we could share our businesses with so many people from different walks of life!  I never knew how much I would enjoy sharing my passion and all the support I get from all of you~

Last weekend proved to be instrumental to my current venture into the Soapmaking Teaching Venue in our NEW location!  I was able to make many contacts with so many people that want to learn and experience my own passion of soapmaking.  For all of that I am so very Thankful.   I am thankful that this time I can finally join the ranks of Brick and Mortar Business Owners.  For that I am Thankful~  

I am thankful for all my friends & family who despite my own wackiness and drive to succeed~  continue to stick it out with me.

To all my wonderful clients who enjoy our SOAP so much~  Thank you! We will continue to make soap and share our goodies with you.

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