Soapmaking Class

Cold Processed Soap Making Class

 Join us in our soap studio for soapmaking classes. Learn a new skill or craft. Make some extra money during the fall and holiday season.  Don’t wait another minute when you could be making your own soap!
In these classes we will Learn how to make cold processed soap and will cover all of these items below~ 
  ·   Safety gear and precautions when working lye and caustic materials ·  Soap making equipment (what to use what not to use), · A brief Chemistry Lesson involving the soap process  ·  Explanation of the different properties of soapmaking oils ·  Discussion about Fragrances and Essential Oils in soapmaking  ·  Learn a Basic 3 Oil mixture. Recipes will be provided. Complete explanation of all steps involved. · Insulating, Cutting and Storing your new soap.  ·  How to label and package your new soap.
   Students will go home with a booklet of information and recipes to help you make soap at home.
AGE LIMIT:   This class is available for everyone over the age of 18 years of age because the caustic nature of Lye.
LOCATION:  Classes will be held in our studio,  Located at 904 Northside Dr, Perry, Georgia. 31069.  Downtown Historic Perry, Georgia
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We are a working soap studio during the week, if you would like to stop by please call first to be sure we have space available.