Soap Facts

Handmade soap is made with natural ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, cocoa butter just to name a few. Store bought soap is very inexpensive because it's not really soap it's a detergent. Similar to the one you use to wash dishes and clothes. What I have found is handmade/handcrafted soap is better for you for one because it has less ingredients to cause any allergies and second it's soap.  Not a detergent made out of petroleum products. 
One way I tested this theory is when I made hot processed soap, one of the ways to test your soap for completion is the tongue test..  Ok so... you will have to put your tongue on the finished soap.  The theory is that if it zaps you (similar to a battery check) then it needs to cook longer.  Well I tested this because I want to be absolutely sure it was done.  WOW!  To my surprise no zapping involved!  And to be honest with you for soap it wasn't that nasty soap in mouth you will remember as a child.  It actually did not taste much different than the oils it was made out of. Now, I am not going to be eating any soap anytime soon but for a taste test it was very do-able. So all you soapers out there..Don't be afraid!

SOAP SHELF LIFE: Our handmade cold processed soap has a very long shelf life, some as long as 2 years. The shelf life of our soap is subject to many factors, including heat, exposure to air, dirt, handling, etc.  If you have any questions about scents or colors please inquire before you buy. We will be happy to let you know.