About Us

True SOAP is good for you—let us show you how.

Our love for soapmaking has brought our coffee mocha soaps to the foodnetwork.com 2011 and in the pages of the holiday edition of Southern Living magazine 2012. Our favorite part of the business is designing new packaging for our unique wedding favor soaps which helps free the creative spirit within.

We carefully choose our soap scents for their harmony with nature, clarity of mind, wellbeing of the body and quality to help keep you grounded. We believe in natural made soaps made with ingredients that you can purchase in your own grocery store. Not out of a chemist laboratory but homemade goodness without added fillers to make it last longer on the shelf.

Mossy Creek Handmade Soap proudly offers Eco Friendly Wedding Favor Soaps, Bridal Shower Favors,Handmade Artisan Soap, Natural Soap Wedding Favors and All Natural Liquid Soap. Scented with essential oils of Lavender, Lemongrass, Coconut, Rosemary, and Spearmint.

Our soap is currently or previously featured in:

  • Southern Living's Christmas at Home 2012 Special Edition Magazine
  • FEATURED 2011 on the FOODNETWORK.com Gifts Guide for her
  • Georgia Family Magazine

Michelle started her career in the bath and body industry in 2006 as an independent contractor in direct sales offering spa parties at home. During this time she developed the skill set she needed to open her own soapmaking business. She realized not only was she selling some else’s product but that her entire business was built on a model that was about to be discontinued.

After the company shut their doors to the direct sellers, she found herself with customers who needed a product.  It was then she decided to make her own products. But found it difficult to find local instructors and had to teach herself through books and attending seminars.With the help of her husband (who talked her into making cold processed soap) in 2009 they started Mossy Creek Soap.  She then found the need to teach others and in November of 2010 opened up the Mossy Creek Soap Studio where she could share her knowledge of soapmaking.